My Norwex WHY…


When I started with Norwex, I was super skeptical, like most people are.  Ever since I was little, I wanted to be a mommy.  I remember growing up and having the poison control phone number on the cabinet door in our kitchen just in case one of us swallowed some cleaner or something.  As I got to the point of having children, I thought of having a “chemical closet” where I could lock up all of my cleaners and chemicals.  I wanted to be a mommy WITHOUT a chemical closet, but I didn’t know where or how to start. 

 I was told that through Norwex, I could clean my house with JUST WATER and I thought, “BS!  That is not even possible!”  I went to a party and left with a list of $500 worth of product I wanted to buy.  That was not feasible at the time, so I decided to become a consultant.  One of my biggest WHYs was because I wanted the amazing products for 35% off. 

 As I started doing the first few parties in order to get my kit for free, I began researching the effects of chemicals on our bodies and the amount of chemicals that are present in our every day lives.  I couldn’t believe that I had lived so many years with bleach and chemicals so abundant in my home. 

 My WHY then became my children and my husband.  Getting those chemicals out of my home and out of the environment that my kids would grow up in was my top priority.  And so my business continued. 

 After a huge change in my business, a move to North Carolina, a change in my husband’s job and monthly expenses increased, I have the NEED to get my business going again.  So, I committed to conference this year. 

 As I went to conference this year, my WHY has only become stronger.  Many of the presenters gave testimonials about the effects of chemicals in their homes and their jobs.  One of the leaders gave an amazing presentation about the places we find these harmful chemicals in every day homes. She and others also gave some staggering statistics that I would like to share: 

Pre Industrial Revolution, cancer rates were 1:8,000.  Today 1:3 people will get cancer.  Every 40 seconds a child is diagnosed with cancer.  Over 287 toxins and chemicals are found in infant chord blood AT BIRTH that is transferred to the baby through the mother.  These chemicals are causing neural defects, infertility or complications with pregnancy, asthma, and cancer. 

Oprah had a show about 7 years ago about Green Cleaning.  At that time, green cleaning was not so popular, or really even heard of, which made Green Cleaning hard to do.  She had people come who had had DIRECT health problems because of the chemicals in their home.  One family came to the show.  Their son had had severe asthma and there was a time where he was hospitalized and nearly died because of an asthma attack.  A friend of theirs called the mother and asked her, if her son made it, could she go clear ALL of the chemicals out of her home and of course the mother agreed.  When they took the son home, he was fine.  He never had another asthma attack in their home again.  By the simple act of removing all chemicals and cleaner from their home, it made their home a safe haven for their child.

While you are cleaning with chemicals, how do you feel?  Do you feel dizzy?  Get headaches?  Feel itchy?  Eyes burning?  Coughing?  These are only the ACUTE affects of chemicals on the body.  Even though these are uncomfortable affects, the long term affects are what is even more scary. 

This year, my WHY was intensified and I KNEW I had to get going again with my Norwex business, not only for the amazing monetary blessing it will provide for my family, but for the knowledge I have of a BETTER WAY OF LIVING!  We don’t have to kill our family slowly while keeping our house clean.  As we CLEAR ALL CHEMICALS from our home, it will show our family that we care.  Though the Norwex products do take a bit of care, it is worth it as we can reduce the use of chemicals in our personal care and our home, which provide a safer environment for our family, reduce costs on cleaning supplies, and leave our Eco footprint for now and future generations. 

Norwex has also helped me earn a little extra income as Greg has gone to work while staying home with the kiddos.  I am so blessed to have the opportunity to be a WORK at home mama and part of that has been a blessing to me, because of Norwex.  There is no where else I would rather be than with my kids at home. 

I always tell people that Norwex has changed my life.  Let me help Norwex change yours. 





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