Days like today.


When days like today happen, I have to blog about it.  For some reason, it seems like the past month has been SUPER challenging with Bekkett, but today was amazing!  And I have lots of pictures to prove it.  We didn’t even do anything too spectacular, but he was just a sweetheart, and we were able to spend a lot of time doing things HE wanted to do today and it was so nice!

Here is how the day started:

Image  Image

Even though the D.A.M.N. dump truck woke Bekkett up at 6:40 this morning, it turned out to be a great day! 

A nice long walk for mama, and then a walk around the neighborhood so that Bekkett could ride his bike and watch the planes.  Living close to the airport + 2 year old boy = hours of outdoor entertainment.  He always says to me, “Mama, bik(big) pyane(plane).”  He is starting to talk so much more and it is adorable!  Image

Cute little man, his bike, and his shadow.  


When we got home from walks and bike rides, we had a little snack.  Bekkett found the fruit loops, randomly, and wanted them in a bowl.  So we headed outside to watch planes, play in the rainwater in his pool, and relax a bit.  He was obsessed with looking at himself in the reflection.  He is FINALLY starting to really realize that it is him.  He also recognizes himself in pictures and I will ask him who it is and he will say, “Bekkeh”.  Super cute!



After naps, he came and snuggled with me.  And I caught a pic of him snuggling me.  And then he realized I had taken a photo and wanted to smile with me.  




Gosh, I love him!  Image 

And this is the aftermath of him playing dress up in my closet.  He even had that hot pink sports bra that is in that drawer on his head.  Wish I could have captured that one! 🙂  And then while waiting for baby sis to wake up so we could go to Auntie SueSue and Auntie Graham’s for dinner, we played with his animals…for almost an hour.  I loved helping him set each animal out and helping him say what each animal is CALLED instead of making the sounds of each animal.  He is sounding out words so well and learning so fast.  I love to see the wheels in his little head turn as he continues to learn to speak.



I feel like he looks like such a big boy in this photo.  

I was texting Shandi today and telling her how good of a day it had been and said, “If only every day were like this.”  She made the point that if all days were like this, then I wouldn’t appreciate them as much.  And it is true.  An eternal principle of opposition in all things!  

I count my blessings today!




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