A bit of humor.


Do you ever find yourself in situations thinking, “My life is ridiculous!!!”  I have.  Tonight, in fact.  We went to walk the dogs and Bekkett has been BEGGING me to let him ride his bike while we take the dogs.  Greg and I had let him in the past, but that was with Greg there to help me control things a bit.  But with me only have 2 hands, pushing the stroller with 2 kids AND 2 horses, I mean, dogs, I didn’t want to throw another aspect into it to complicate things.  After all, every person I would walk by would say, “Wow!  Have you got your hands full!”  I would make a fake chuckle and say, “Haha…well, good thing I am just the dog walker…haha……”  

Well, I wanted Bekkett to be able to ride his bike, so I figured that if I had Desi in the moby, I could hold both dogs with one hand and then still have the other hand available JUST IN CASE Bekkett couldn’t make it all the way and I had to carry the bike.  He had done so well while Greg was home, I didn’t figure that would happen, but I had to be prepared.  

He did really well all the way down, then not even 1/4 the way up, he decides he is done with the bike.  Then about 10 steps later, he has a royal fit and sits down in the middle of the walking trail.  No matter what I did to try and coax him to come, he stays sitting there, screaming “NOOOOOOO!”  I start walking away with the dogs in one hand, the bike in the other and Desi strapped to me.  I turned around and he is still sitting there.  I just had to document it, so I took this picture.  Image Yes, he is the TINY red dot in the middle of the walking trail.  And as I took that photo, I thought to myself, “If only I had a personal photographer to take photos of the ridiculous moments of my life.”  Well, since I don’t have one of those photographers, I decided to take a mental photo and try and draw a depiction of what I probably looked like.  Here you go.  Image

I am thrilled that in this moment, I actually drew a cartoon of it and can actually KIND OF laugh about it right now, because at the moment, I was NOT laughing about it.  I seriously had to drag that bike back to the house, besides the fact I had to coax him along and it probably took us 3 times as long to get back as it did to get there.  

I really wonder what people thought as they drove by this ridiculous situation.  Well, who cares what they thought.  Here are the things that I learned from it:  A: NEVER try that again, and B: NEVER try that again.  (At least on my own…)  

I cried for about an hour after I finally got this kids down, feeling really sorry for myself and my situation.  Then, Kelly Clarkson’s song comes into my head, “WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!”  And I am REALLY glad that that didn’t kill me today!  

So, I would like to announce that I STILL love my life, even though sometimes I wonder what Heavenly Father is trying to teach me with a bike and 2 dogs in my hands, a baby strapped to me, and a toddler sitting in the middle of the walking path, screaming.  He is probably just thinking to Himself, “You see what I have had to put up with from you!”  May I learn my lessons, and may you get a good laugh out of it. 



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