Sunday bliss.


Have you ever had one of those moments where you just want to stop time and live in it forever?  Sunday was one of those moments.  We had gotten home from church and had eaten lunch together.  It was almost time for nap times but Bekkett wanted a little snack.  I was sitting on the stairs with Des and Bekkett came to sit by me.  Greg brought some blueberries over and sat on the floor in front of us all.  

If you know Greg, you know that he is a CHAMP at throwing food in the air and catching it in his mouth.  He loves to do it for Bekkett because in return, Bekkett pretends to throw it up int he air and then put it straight into his mouth.  We were sitting there and all of a sudden, Greg throws a berry up against the wall BEHIND him and proceeds to catch it in his mouth in front of him.  We were all laughing so hard and Desi was watching Bekkett laugh and she started laughing out loud, too.  It was the cutest thing and none of us could stop laughing and smiling.  

Once we all calmed down, I let my face relax and my cheeks literally HURT because I had been laughing so hard and smiling so much.  At one point, I thought “I need to be recording this.”  And then, I thought of the advice I once received {from a photographer} to LIVE IN THE MOMENT.  Sometimes, even a camera won’t do it justice, but we can take a mental picture(from The Office) and remember these times ALWAYS.  

Times like these I count my blessings and truly know that I am the luckiest.  I saw this article yesterday and I have read multiple articles by “Hands Free Mama”.  These articles always make me want to be a better mama.  I will let you know how my journey goes.  



My goal is to seize the moment every day and find things to be grateful for on this journey.  



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