Little things..


I love spring time.  And spring time with a toddler is so amazing and magical!  Last night, we went on a walk after dinner as a family, saw some ducks and ducklings in the canal, which Bekkett always loves.  When we got back, Des was sleeping and Greg had to go back to work, so we left Des in the stroller and Bekkett and I explored outside.  

This spring, Bekkett is obsessed with “cahh…” aka rocks.  He wants to be holding or throwing rocks into the canal at all times.  We saw 2 male ducks, 1 mama duck and 10 WHOPPING DUCKLINGS in the canal and so we watched them for a while.  After feeding them the heal of a loaf of bread, we sat on the canal bank and I found a caterpillar inching his way across the ground.  

I picked him up and showed Bekkett what he was doing and Bekkett kept saying, “Mom” and holding out his hand to hold the caterpillar.  We passed it back and forth 5 or 6 times and he just kept saying, “Mom”…and pointing at it.  

Watching this boy grow and seeing him learn and develop is the most rewarding experience of my life.  His curiosity and love of learning makes me happy.  No, not every day is perfect, or close to it.  But, in those moments, sitting on the ditch bank, passing a caterpillar back and forth and seeing his face light up, make all the hard times worth it.  

He reminds me daily, in the midst of hard times, that I am the luckiest!



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