The other day, I was at Pizza Pie Cafe with my boys.  Greg went to get Bekkett food and then I took my turn.  As I was walking around, I saw a little pregnant lady with her little man and I thought of how I need to take Bekkett on a date, just him and me, before this baby doll comes.  I sat down at the table and started eating my salad.  

March madness was going on, so as Greg looked away from the game, he looked up to find me crying over my salad.  Here I was, sitting at the table with my two boys, eating salad and pizza, crying.  Most people would have just looked over and saw that I was prego and understood.  Haha.  

Anyways, Greg asked me what was wrong and I couldn’t even put into words, for a few minutes, why I was crying.  I was laughing at myself crying and couldn’t even talk.  The emotions and questions that were going through my little heart: “How can I ever love anyone like I love my little man Bekkett?  Is it possible?  Am I ready for the changes that are about to take place?”  

The day that Bekkett was born, he won over my heart, and he has continued to do so every day ever since.  He has become my little sidekick, my buddy and best friend.  How is this new baby girl going to change our relationship?

I know that it is possible to open my heart and love this baby girl, in a completely different way that I love Bekkett, I am just anxious to see HOW it is possible.  It will be an interesting transition and I look forward to the wonderful changes that await our little family in the coming 2.5 weeks! 

AND I will soak up every last snuggle and love that I can get from my little man until then!  





4 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. Trissi Herbst

    I felt the same way before my #2 was born. You will be surprised how you can love another just as much as the first, and still love the first the same. Good luck in your life-changing next 3 weeks!

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