Practicing for baby…


This weekend, we decided to get Bekkett a baby doll.  We have been throwing around the idea for a while now and thought that it might be nice to get him a baby doll so that he can start practicing.  Some say to not give him TOO much practice and that he will try to practice on the real baby, but I am hoping that it will help him see that when I am taking care of baby girl, he can take care of his baby too.

So, he melts my heart with this baby doll.  Take a look.

photo 3  photo 2  photo 1


This kid wanted us to wrap up baby doll and then he would hold her.  Here are some adorable things he does with his baby doll.

-The other night, he went upstairs and got his baby doll, had me wrap her up, and held her while we watched the end of a show before it was time for bed.

-He sleeps with baby doll every night now and makes sure that she is there in his bed at nap time too.

-Today he didn’t fall asleep at nap time for quite a while so I went to check on him.  He was sitting in his “Bekkett sized” leather chair holding his baby doll and trying to wrap her up.

Not only is Bekkett practicing with baby doll, daddy is also practicing.  After adjusting the straps on the baby car seat, daddy strapped baby doll into the car seat and then helped Bekkett bring it to show me.  Not long afterwards, I heard Bekkett talking to baby doll and I walked in and proceeded to take these photos.



Priceless?  I should say so.

Baby girl, you are going to be one lucky little sis.  Big brother is already practicing to protect you, to help you, keep you safe and warm, and he already LOVES you.

When I found out Bekkett was a boy, someone told me, “Every little girl deserves a big brother.”  I don’t know if sis or Greg and I are going to agree with that always, but I am pretty sure that Bekkett is going to make one amazing big brother.  The future is bright!



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