Battle of the dishes.


So, about 5 months ago(or so) my sister Shandi and I were discussing how hard it is to keep the house clean sometimes.  At that time I may or may not have been leaving dishes in the sink towards the end of the week, knowing that my sweet, handsome, loving, amazingly helpful husband might do those dishes later on in the weekend.  After feeling crappy about myself, and Shandi and I talking, I was reminded that since I don’t work outside of the home, it is my JOB to do the dishes and keep the house clean.  When I had a job outside of the home, did I leave my job in a huge mess every night?  NO!  So, I made a goal to be better.  No going to bed with dishes in the sink.

Well, needless to say, tonight I was REALLY hesitant to do the dishes.  I felt like working on Norwex stuff, medical transcription, etc was much more important.  I had this inner battle with myself, as I often do.  The DEVIL inside was DREADING unloading the dishwasher, but the ANGEL inside of me WON!

I went and rounded up all of the dishes, and decided to get going.  I opened the dishwasher and started pulling dirty dishes out.  The soap dispenser was still closed, so one of two things happened.  A: I forgot to start the dishwasher or B: The soap didn’t open and the dishes were disgusting!

Needless to say, no dishes were done tonight.  I do have to say that whether it was because of choice A or choice B, I do not care.  It just means that I am the luckiest girl in the world tonight because I CHOSE to do the dishes and it was not my fault that I am going to bed with dishes in the sink! 🙂

*Note:  Because of my prego brain, I think I forgot to start the dishes after finding them needing a bath tonight, so I am going to post this and run downstairs to make sure it is going so that I can look forward to doing them in the morning.(Hint of sarcasm?)



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