I have to write this blog post before I change my mind.  As some of you might know, just over a year ago I started training for a half marathon, as well as doing a Biggest Loser contest.  Not only that, I started making changes in my lifestyle that I hoped to keep in check even after the marathon was over and the contest was over.  

HERE is the blog about my transformation. 

Well, as I had some complications at the beginning of this pregnancy(that blog post is HERE), I wasn’t able to get out and exercise like I wanted to.  In fact, most of the time a walk around the block was too much for me.  So, once the doctor released me, it was then about Noevember/December and needless to say.  I am back out of shape.  

Not only am I out of shape, I have not been keeping up the “one bite of sugar a day”.  Not even a little bit.  Not even AT ALL!  

Last night, I came to this realization as I had this conversation in my head.  

Me#1:  I am excited to have this baby so that I can go back on my one bite of sugar a day diet.  Eating this much sugar makes me sick.

Me#2:  Why are you waiting for the baby to get here?  You know that you CAN start now and then that is one less thing to worry about once baby is born.  

Me#1:  But really, do I really WANT to do that right now?  Cadburry mini eggs, Girl Scout Cookies, Anniversary getaway is this weekend.  Do I REALLY want to do that? 

Me#2:  Yeah, why not, there is no better day than today.  It will be healthier for baby, too.  Duh!  

Me#1:  Yeah…that is true!  Why didn’t I think of that 34 weeks ago.  I think I am convinced.  

SOOOO…the moral of the story is, I convinced Me#1 AND Me#2 that this is a good idea.  Miraculous! 🙂  What did I do as soon as I convinced myself that tomorrow was the day?  I ate a few pieces of Dove chocolate from this weekend and immediately regretted it.  I was CONVINCED that it was a great time to start.  

So, here is what I need… I need some people to help me along the way.  If you are wanting to change something in your eating habits, exercising, any kind of health change, let’s do this together and hold each other accountable.  Comment here, text, or call me and we can get a little group going so that we can get “back on the wagon”, per say.  

Wish me luck! 🙂



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