Random inspiration.


I don’t usually pay attention to little sayings as I browse through Facebook because more often than not, I regret wasting my time reading them.  I wish Facebook was back to the simple days…status posts and photos.  No more contests to win, no more random sayings, etc.  It would save me a lot of time.  But, that is MY fault, right?  

Anyways, today, I was scrolling through and a friend had posted this quote.  Image

When I wake up in the morning, it is usually to the sound of Bekkett’s cute little voice calling for me.  Depending on how busy I was the night before with Norwex, medical transcription, crafts for baby girl, laundry, or me time, that all usually determines if I am excited to be awake or not.  

As I read this quote, it reminded me that EACH DAY I get to wake up is a special day.  I have a purpose and for the most part, my purpose is to be Bekkett’s mommy, and to be Greg’s wifey.  That is what I have always wanted and I am grateful for that purpose.  As I continue on in my purpose, I pray that I will be aware of when I become complacent.  Usually that will mean that I am not truly fulfilling my purpose.  Do I need to spend more time playing on the floor with Bekkett, to read to him, sit down by him when he pats the floor beside him and just BE with him?  Do I need to be more appreciative of what Greg does for our family?  Do I show him my love and appreciation in a way that he understands?  Am I letting my “other” duties exceed the duties that REALLY matter?  

I loved this quote.  May I live up to my purpose.  



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