I love Valentine’s Day!  I love love.  And I love that I get the opportunity to show that love to my family every day.  The last few photos I wanted to post are just some cute ones, not that they really have anything to do with Valentine’s Day, but I just think that they are cute and depict the word love.  


It is adorable, the things that Bekkett does, that SHOWS how much he loves his daddy.  There will be multiple times a day that I will see him watch Greg and then do what Greg is doing.  This one, he just wants to be comfy and snuggle with daddy.  I love it.  



For FHE this last week, we read an article out of the Friend while Greg was home for dinner and then when Greg left to go back to work, we wrote a love note to him.  As soon as I asked Bekkett if he wanted to color a picture for daddy, he ran to the closet where the crayons are kept and waited for me to get them down for him.  Then he took at least 15 minutes to color pictures for Greg.  This is saying A LOT because Bekkett doesn’t do ANYTHING for 15 minutes!  I was very impressed by this cute gesture.  

And, last but not least, here is my 32 week picture.  I don’t love it of my, but I think it is adorable that we no longer have to ask Bekkett to get in the picture.  As soon as we get the sign out, I stand sideways and look at Greg, he assumes his position and knows exactly where to go.  It is pretty cute.  



We are trying to get Bekkett ready for baby sis to get here.  We ask him where Baby Sissy is and he usually either pats his belly, or if he can reach he will pat my belly.  He looks up at the sonogram photo of baby sis multiple times a day and says BABY.  I ask “Baby who?” And he says “Sissy.”  It is so cute!  I think he already loves her and is excited to meet her again.  


This week I have accomplished quite a few things to get her room ready and this weekend we will be finishing up a few more things, so I am getting to the point that I am feeling a bit more prepared.  Little baby girl needs to stay in there as long as possible, but I hope she knows how much I already love her and how excited I am to have her entering into our family soon!

We went to our 32 week appointment today and baby girl is growing normally.  We are getting really excited to meet our little princess.  Especially because I can’t breath, eat without getting heartburn, sit without feet up in my ribs, sleep without my back killing me, sleep through the night because I have to pee, and those of you who have had babies, know exactly where I am coming from!  But, most of all, I can’t wait to meet this special little girl that will be entering our family.  She is a fighter and has fought to be here and I couldn’t be more excited.  

Before I had Bekkett, or was pregnant with this baby girl, I never knew my heart could grow so much.  I don’t really think I knew the FULL definition of LOVE.  I think there are so many facets of the word love, that it will take much time to understand them all.  But, I am very grateful to my Heavenly Father who has given me this opportunity to sacrifice my health, my body, my comfort, my sanity, sleep, etc. to learn this facet of LOVE, that which is MOTHERHOOD.  



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