Preparing for Baby Girl Take 2.


There are lots of little things and sometimes big things that we are doing every day to prepare for our baby girl.  Bekkett is SO CUTE.  He sees pictures of little babies, kids around the stores, even in strollers outside and he says, “BABY!”  Then I ask him “Baby Who?”  “Baby Sissy.”  How he says sissy is the cutest thing!  I don’t think that he really understands what is really going to happen in the next couple of months, but we are trying to get him excited.  Here are some cute things that we are doing as a family to prepare for Baby Girl to come to our family.  


Bekkett LOVES to play with and hold his little cousin Xander.  This night, he was seriously so cute with Baby X and kept holding his arms out to hold him.  DARLING!


Taking our weekly pictures…sometimes together, sometimes not.  He was so cute!  “Bekkett, where is Mommy’s button?”



Hanging out and “taking care of” Nemo.  Nemo only has one eye, hence the name Nemo.  It is a little creepy, but Bekkett doesn’t know the difference! 😉

Image      Image


Bekkett paints with water and colors while I craft some bows up for the beautiful baby girl.  



We went to TJ Maxx to get some frames to make a collage for Baby Girls room.  I had to pee(surprise) and this is what I saw when I came out of the bathroom.  Dogs are a mans best friend.  



We got this little chair for Bekkett’s room because he LOVES to sit in the chair and read.  When baby girl comes, we will have to move the rocker from his room to her room, so we got him this cute chair so that there is something JUST for him.  

I hope that the preparations that we make now will help Bekkett transition into a big brother and to help welcome Baby Girl into our family and into this world.  




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