Christmas…a little late.


I wanted to make sure to post a few pictures of Christmas, because it was a WONDERFUL one.  Sadly, we didn’t take very many pictures.  But, here are a few that we do have.  Christmas Eve morning was a busy one for us.  Having just flown in from NC the day before, we had lots of loose ends to tie up before heading over the Gram and Gramps to make Christmas candy.  It started with a trip to Walmart and a delicious breakfast as our little family.



The Christmas Eve festivities were entertaining, as always, with a few extra laughs.  Image

The kids love their Grampa!  

Greg was the lucky recipient of the “Almost a Dundy” award, courtesy of Shandi and Eric Ditlevsen family.  Image


And Bekkett and Nikayla were buddies, as always.  

Christmas morning was pretty fun, even though Bekkett still doesn’t quite get what is really going on.  He had had a lot of practice unwrapping his “book a days” before Christmas, so he loved opening the gifts and finding out what was inside.  It was a wonderful morning, along with a delicious meal with the Marble side of the family and then we headed down to Salt Lake for the rest of the week.  




By 10 AM, Bekkett was tuckered out!  And so was mom and dad, but Santa found some tasty treats to put in our stockings and they helped to keep us awake.  



It was a wonderful Christmas week and we were surrounded by many whom we love dearly.  But, it was really nice when the end of the week came to a close and we were able to head home and be HOME as our little family again.  It was a long and busy December full of many blessings and amazing people who bless our lives daily!  This Christmas season, we were truly counting our blessings and thanking our Father in Heaven for everything He has provided for us!  Hope your holiday was equally enjoyable!  MUCH LOVE!





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