After Christmas Festivities.




Since Christmas came and went so quickly, I thought life would slow down a bit.  Who am I kidding?  We just find more fun things to do.  On New Year’s Eve was our beloved Grandme Marble’s funeral.  It was a sad and hard day, but my heart rejoices in knowing that she is with Grandpa Marble and Uncle Brian again.  I am sure they are busy with the work on the other side, but never too busy to be my baby doll’s “Angel Friends”.  I am grateful for the many angel friends that Bekkett is blessed with to watch over him when I can’t always do so.  

New Year’s Day, we ended up going Snowshoeing.  It was a really fun, but a little bit short lived because of a few things.  A: I am super out of shape. B: I am super out of shape. and C: I am super out of shape.  Oh, and Bekkett was freezing(we didn’t know how freezing he really was until we got back to the car and he just cried for about 10 minutes while his feet and hands thawed out.  And then he passed right out.  Haha.  Poor guy, we had bought him snow boots over Christmas and everything, but they obviously didn’t do the trick, unfortunately.  But, anyways, it was a good time, and hopefully next time will be better! 🙂



While we got stuck in NC, Bekkett had his 18 month wellness check that we postponed for the new year and here he is at his check.  95%+ for weight, 95% height and 75% for head. He is such a big boy and he makes me smile every day!



Here are a few photos of the adventures of Bekkett man and the things I find him doing when no one is around.

 Image Image


Image  Image




And since the New Year, we have been preparing for Baby Girl to get here too.  We got a new stroller for Bekkett and baby sissy(how he says baby sissy is SO CUTE!) Image

And he is obviously THRILLED with his new ride.  He just kept climbing in and out of it so he could watch a show while sitting down.  Haha.  What a funny boy.  Image

We finished her quilt.  The bright orange is more of a melon color.  We also set up her crib and laid her blanket in the crib.  Now, we just need to get a crib mattress for it! 🙂


And this is Bekkett and me at 27 weeks.  

There is more of the New Year to come, and I will finish doing those posts tomorrow sometime! 🙂  YAY!  What a fun and exciting New Year this is already turning out to be! 




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