While Daddy’s Away, We will PLAY!


Here are a few of the activities that we did while Greg was in North Carolina. 

-Bekkett got a hair cut, which he LOVED. Image

-Opening a book a day.



-Reading books and cracking his head open. 

Image   Image

-Running errands and pulling silly faces.  

Image  Image


-LOVING yogurt. 



-Getting into mischief.

Image Image


-Pulling the toys up and down the stairs. 


-Going on walks when the weather is ok. 



-Sitting on my cousins. 



– BOWLING with the Munns Family Christmas party.  



-Playing with duckies.  



We had lots of fun and became super close buddies.  We missed daddy like crazy, but I am grateful for the fun time that we had together and my little sidekick that he became during that week before WE got to go to North Carolina.  That was a surprise and will come in the next blog post.  





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