Traveling to North Carolina.


The Sunday that Greg got to North Carolina.  I got a picture text from Aunt Sue of Greg with my favorite dogs ever!  Sue and I got texting and she had a GENIUS idea that I should bring Bekkett out to NC and surprise Greg when he got off of the trail.  I was SUPER excited and definitely wanted something to help keep my mind off of not seeing Greg for so long.  Also, Maggie, Greg’s cousin was giving us a hard time that we were having another baby when she hadn’t even met Bekkett yet.  So, Monday morning before Greg got off of the trail, Bekkett and I went on an adventure of our own and traveled to NC to surprise Greg.


Thanks to the help of MANY people, the traveling part of our trip was a cinch!  Bekkett was seriously SO GOOD.  On our long flight, we were surrounded by LDS missionaries just leaving the MTC going to their fields of labor.  They LOVED Bekkett and that kept Bekkett entertained.  We got to our gate in Atlanta and before we even took off, Bekkett was asleep in his own seat.

We got to Sue and Graham’s house and Bekkett was in HEAVEN.  His favorite were the “PUPPAS” and the “kicky”.(Dogs and the cat).


Boomer didn’t care what Bekkett did to him, but Lucy wasn’t so fond of him…UNTIL Bekkett learned how to play fetch.  From that point on, Lucy was at Bekkett’s side at ALL times.  She loved playing fetch with Bekkett and Bekkett loved to play with her.  It was pretty cute.

Tuesday we loaded up and went up to base with Graham.  We were initially just going to pick up the Subaru, but when we got to Lake Toxaway, we realized we didn’t have the key.  We made the rest of our way up to base(after pulling over for a carsickness break on my part).  We walk into base and Betty told me that Greg had no clue we were in NC…he had had her put a letter in the mail the day before.

While we waited for Graham to do her work, Bekkett played in office, eating yummy Christmas treats that had been sent to the office, playing with a beautiful stray dog named Jamba, and playing the office instruments.

Image  Image

Betty said to Graham, “You know that Greg is downstairs, right?”  Graham said, “I know, I am debating on whether I should have him come up.”  So, she called him up and we surprised Greg, completely!  He walked in and she told him she had a surprise for him and it was in the office (where we were).  He walked in and said, “Shut Up!”  We got to spend about 15 minutes together and then he had to go back to his group.  But, we were so excited to see him and it was a great surprise.

The next day, we went up again and hung out on base, throwing rocks into the pond, hanging out with the horses, and waiting for Greg to get off the trail.  Once he was done, we got loaded up and went into Brevard for lunch.  We were all starving.  We ate at a cute little place called “Square Root” and we loved it.  Image

The rest of our trip was filled with eating more, talking, driving, missing our flight, getting a flight the SUNDAY before Christmas Eve, walking, exploring, playing with the dogs, driving, seeing Zach and Jae’s beautiful family, spending lots of time with family and THAT is what made the trip the very best!  We are so grateful for Sue, Graham, and Maggie for their love and hospitality.  They didn’t blink twice when we impeded on the days before their Christmas celebrations.  We love you all very much!


At 12 Bones BBQ.  SO GOOD!



Auntie SueSue was thrilled that Bekkett finally hung out with her and sat on her lap.  He loves his Auntie SueSue.

Image  Image

And, with that, we made it back to our home at 4 PM the day before Christmas Eve.  What an adventure that we will NEVER forget!



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