Preparing for Baby Girl.


When Greg was going to be gone for 2 weeks without me, I decided it was TIME to start preparing for baby girl.  Shandi and I went fabric shopping and got PLENTY of fabric for at least 8 different outfits for less than $50.  Also, Grammy and PopPop bought baby girl a cute little tutu skirt…the first of many Baby Girl clothes that we have received.  Here are some photos of some of Baby girlst firsts.  



Image Idea…ImageDuring..

And the final product.Image

The Next Idea…

Image   AND MY version…Image

This is the beginning of the sewing madness.  We recently found what we want for her quilt and have the whole top sewn and will get the rest finished very soon.  I still need to do the bumpkins for both outfits and finish the other outfits that I purchased fabric for.  This baby girl is definitely challenging my domestic skills, but THANKS TO SHANDI, I am handling it ok.  

More updates to come!  We are going to Snowbird this weekend and I am hoping to catch up from where I left off.  



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