And It’s A…..



That was our question last week before Friday morning.  Thursday night, we got our scrabble board out and got a “B” and a “G” out of the box and we all chose one of them.  Greg and I both picked “G” and Bekkett picked “B”.  So, we had everyone on Bekkett’s side that it was going to be a boy.  

We went to our ultrasound and miraculously, everything was great with the little one.  The subchorionic hemorrhage that had us worried from 8-11 weeks was all healed and baby was healthy in every way.  That is all I really wanted to hear.  I had been worried because I felt like I was a lot smaller than I was at 20 weeks with Bekkett.  I had to remember that every child/pregnancy is different, but EVERY person had told me that I would POP much more quickly on my 2nd than my first.  And other factors went into the mix, but I was just a little worried that baby wasn’t getting what it needed.  SO, needless to say, we were THRILLED to hear that baby was healthy and growing well.  

Of course, the ultrasound tech waited until the end of the ultrasound to see if baby was a “B” or “G” and the verdict is…..(drum roll please)


It was funny because all the while, looking at the pictures of baby’s face, I was thinking, “Girly for sure!”  I think she looks feminine, but maybe that is just my bias!  

The night before I found out what we were having, I was talking to Shandi on the phone and I said, “I need to make a tree skirt.  Actually, let’s wait and see if I am having a boy or girl.  If I am having a boy, I will make a tree skirt, but if I am having a girl, I need to start making things for baby girl cause I won’t have money to doll her up like I wish I could!”  

After fabric shopping with Shandi today, baby girl is going to be a diva princess and I am excited to start working on these projects.  After all, I needed something to keep me busy while Greg is gone to NC for almost 2 weeks starting Sunday.  

Happy baby girl to us!  We are so excited and couldn’t be more happy that she is healthy!  The first thing Bekkett did when the ultrasound tech said it was a girl was shake his head. Haha.  But, he will be a great big brother and every little girl deserves a big brother.  She may not appreciate it so much, but I am sure Greg and I will as they both get older! 🙂  





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