Day #2: Peace


It seems like this past week, I have heard lots of sad news, both in our community, state, and throughout the world. I have also had happy news, but at times, it seems like I get overwhelmed with the seemingly increasing amount of evil in this world. Now I am expecting my sweet baby #2 and the evil continues to be daunting to me.

Today we had Stake Conference. Bekkett was relatively calm and in the midst of Greg and I taking turns watching over him and listening to the inspired leaders of our Stake and General Authority, it reminded me of a couple of things.
1: Faith and fear cannot exist in the same being.
2: As the world is increasingly evil, the righteous and good is growing as fast or faster.
3. I already know who ultimately wins this battle…good!
And 4. Heavenly Father has a plan for me and my family.

I am so grateful for righteous leaders of our Church who can offer PEACE and HOPE in this world and especially for the peace I felt today. Now, I can’t wait for the Christmas Devotional tonight!


Let’s all remember that CHRIST is truly the reason!


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