Conference Weekend.


Conference weekend was so great!  We were in SL for part of it and then went to my parents house for Sunday morning Conference Crepes and the first session of conference.  We watched the second Sunday session at home and then went on a lazy stroll in the canyon to see the beautiful leaves.  Here are some photos from the great ANNOUNCING and CONFERENCE weekend!


Our favorite friend, the Polar Bear at Hogle Zoo.  He was eating breakfast the whole time we were there.  He is so magical, we just love him!


This little guy…I could have watched him ALL DAY.  He was still so clumsy at a mere 2 weeks old and his mama just adored him!  It was quite precious to see!  He is definitely climbing the charts on the “favorite friends at the zoo” list.


We went to KingsEnglish Bookstore and Bekkett loved touching EVERYTHING there.  He pulled ginormous books off the shelves on the way out of the kids section.  Haha!  Not the best place for him to hang out just yet.  But he LOVED this dog, as you can tell.


While daddy and PopPop were at Priesthood, Grammy made dinner and let mommy relax.  She taught me how to have a Pots and Pans Kitchen Band.  Now guess what my favorite thing to do at home is :/

Sunday morning we were at Gram and Gramps and he kept head butting Alia in the sweetest way.  It was like he was trying to give her a kiss, but he just kept putting his forehead on hers.  Which is better than his usual “swing and a miss” at her every time he walks by.  Hahaha…hmmm…


While watching conference, every time the choir sang, he would start leading the choir, which is funny because his usual reaction is one finger up and bouncing to any other music.  Maybe he will be our own little “Johann Sebastian Bach” someday?  Who knows.


And our walk up the canyon.  It was so beautiful and we are going to do this more often, as long as mommy can hold up!


This post was NOT supposed to be so long.  But, it was a wonderful weekend, if you couldn’t tell! 🙂  Until next time.



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