To start off this blog post, my goodness, it has been busy!  I couldn’t believe how fast July went by, and here we are at the end of August… can time PLEASE slow down?!  That would be fantastic, deal? Deal!

OK, so we had a fantastic camping trip just above Bear Lake with the Mac Munns Family and can I just tell you, I LOVE CAMPING!  Things I love about it: you can be dirty and it doesn’t matter, you can be smelly and so does everyone else, you don’t have to do your hair, you wear your COMFY’s and GRUNGY’s ALL DAY LONG, s’mores, treats, food, tents, cold head and warm body, wool socks, hikes, outdoor smells.  And this list could go on and on and on.  But let me show you what WE did!





We have had the wonderful privilege of spending some time with Jason and Brianna while they are out here from South Carolina.  We had a little cook out and water play.  Here are some priceless moments from that beautiful day.



Bekkett started out in a swimsuit and LOVED splashing in the pool and playing with his cousins.  He started getting pretty chilly, so I took him in to change him.  We went out in the front to pick some veggies and he made his way to Gram’s “zen fountain” and got soaking wet again.  I stripped him down and we went to go “say goodbye” to all of the cousins and they were making a dam in the sandbox, and he hopped right in.  He absolutely loves every second that he has in Gram and Gramp’s backyard.  He is ALL boy.

Funny story about Deagan and the massive plate of food.  When his parents are home, it is like pulling teeth to get him to eat.  When mom and dad aren’t with us, look at what he dishes up for himself…not one, but TWO jumbo dogs and a bunch of chips.  Although he didn’t eat it all, it was pretty funny to see him with that load of food.

OK, last, but certainly NOT least!  If you haven’t ever been to the Box Elder County Fair, you haven’t lived!  It is most definitely an exciting time of year, and a time of year that us BE county residents plan our lives by.  We know it is TIME when we need to get our “fair hair” done, it is when we get to start wearing our new school clothes that we have been looking forward to all summer, we meet our friends “by the zipper”, we eat dinner every night at the fair to get our share of fair burgers and carney corn dogs.  Here is the delicious plethora of photos that we accumulated.



Seriously so many great memories made at the BE county fair!  It was seriously a wonderful day and it is so fun to see the cousins always having so much fun together!

It is wonderful to be so close to family, because who knows how long we are going to be this close.  We love them all and can’t wait to make more memories.



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