Priceless moments


Over the past summer, we have been privileged to have two ducks stalk our neighborhood because we have lots of little kids(and big kids) that love to feed the ducks. All summer long, we wondered if this couple had had any babies! They disappeared for a couple of months and yesterday, guess hi showed up with 9, YES I said 9, little ducklings. Bekkett was thrilled! We got a couple of pieces of bread and headed out. Those little duckies weren’t afraid one bit!


After we got the ducklings fed, we brought Bekkett inside for his breakfast. We gave him a piece of bread to tide him over until we for rest of breakfast ready and this is what we found.


What a silly boy. He sure makes me happy to be a mommy!

Then last night I was able to capture a priceless moment while we were at lunch with Greg. I know that Bekkett loves his dad, but there are moments in life that are absolutely priceless and this was one of them.


I may have to put this one on canvas! I am very blessed!


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