There are few moments in your life that you are so happy that you cry.  The last time I remember that was the day this little guy was born.  Today was another beautiful moment that Greg, Bekkett, and I got to share together.  It was pretty great.  We finally got him to walk for the first time!  We enjoyed the first few steps together and then we got the camera involved so we could share such a wonderful time in his life with the rest of our family.  

My heart was overflowing with PRIDE in my sweet little Bekkett man!  All day, it has been!  He has truly changed my life and I am so excited for the MANY more times that we get to enjoy together!  Pride in a child is truly one of the most gratifying feelings that I have ever felt.  Makes me understand a tad bit better how Heavenly Father beams with joy when we do something new, or get up again after falling, or choose something best over something better.  I look forward to the many gratifying feelings of pride that are to come in this little boys life!  



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