We will start out with the 24th of July.

This is what Bekkett was entertained by the whole parade…not the candy, not the crazy people in weird costumes, but the fence.  And a stick.  You will not be surprised by that, I am sure.  Notice the stick in the next photo.

Gregor didn’t get the 24th off, so after he went to work, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to have a water party and BBQ.  It was quite a beautiful day.  We experienced a little bit of a rain shower and then look at that beautiful sunset on the way home.

The 25th was Shandi’s birthday and I was privileged to spend part of her birthday with her.  First of all I went on a bike ride and got this beauty for a souvenir.

And then Bekkett and I got ready and we went to the DownEast tent sale together.  Did I buy anything?  No…for the first time, probably, EVER!  Haha!  And on our way home, we took this adorable snapshot of B and N together.

Next was the Munns Family Reunion.  We camped up about Bear Lake and Bekkett LOVED camping.  We are going up there again with the Mac Munns Family over the weekend of August 17-20 and we can’t wait!  Here is a slew of pictures that are just too priceless not to post.

  Sleeping on the way up.    Our view when we got there.  

Getting acquainted with the dirt.  He would spend MUCH time with the dirt over the next day and a half.

I wish I could say that was chocolate.. it most certainly is not.  At least it is dirt, though, if you catch my drift! 😉

  Lunch with Nik.     Walks with Nik.  

We stayed until Friday afternoon and came home to get ready for our next adventure, as soon as Greg got off of work.  We went down to Salt Lake to spend time with Greg’s family, cause his brother, Peter and his family, were in town from Ohio.  Here are some highlights from the rest of the weekend.

Bekkett chowing down on his grilled cheese from Mack’s Drive-In.  Mmmm….

Greg reading one of his favorite books to his nieces.  “My Grandma Lived in Gooligulch.”  Very cute book, I must say!

Greg and I were able to go on a little date and we decided to go to “Color Me Mine.”  My BFF, Heidi, told me about it when I got home from my mission and I still hadn’t ever gone.  So, we went and chose to design a hot cocoa mug for one another.  Hot cocoa is our FAVORITE and these will be put to MUCH use, I am sure!  Next on the “Color Me Mine” project list, a Happy Birthday plate that all of us will get to eat on, ONLY on our birthday!  I can’t wait for next time!

Bekkett playing with his cousins Elsie and Paul Ephraim.  So fun to have Paul Ephraim and Bekkett together!  They are only 5 months apart and this was the first time they actually got to PLAY! 🙂 It was so much fun!

And, of course, the zoo.  Rarely is there a time that we go to Salt Lake that we don’t get to go to the Hogle Zoo.  This weekend was especially fun, because it was our first time that we got to see the new Rocky Shores exhibit.  On Saturday, the polar bear was in his air conditioned cage sleeping.  But, Monday, he was out swimming and this was seriously the highlight of all of my zoo experiences, I think.  We were right up by the glass watching him come in and go out and in and out of the water.  It was so delightful!  Bekkett kept clapping his hands and was so excited throughout his whole zoo experience!

All in all, it has been a busy month, full of fun and great times!  I can not complain!



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