Fun in the sun…and rain.


At the beginning of the summer, I promised Kaylee, my beautiful niece, that we could have a sleepover.  Randomly, last night at Grandma’s, I decided we had better just do this, before summer ran out and I disappointed that cute girly girl! 🙂  I didn’t even think what I had going and said, TOMORROW, let’s do it tomorrow.  And I am sure glad I did.  

Here are a few things we did.  Played at Willow Park with Sydney and Braden.  Got shocked A LOT because she took Bekkett down the slide a few times.  Walked to and from the park, came home for lunch.  Relaxed while Bekkett took a nap.  Made pizza dough, to try out our new pizza stone.  Went on a walk/hike up Stokes Nature Trail.  Ate yogurt and cheese sticks.  Got rained on for half of our walk/hike.  Made pizza.  Took pizza to Greg.  Ate the pizza.  {I do have to say that it was quite the success for a first time on the pizza stone.  Less garlic next time, but all in all, delish.}  Had a tour of Thermo-Fisher to see what Uncle Greg did for work.  Got POURED on coming home.  Made brownies for Greg. {We substituted the oil for coconut oil.  Kaylee said they were delicious that way.  We will see what Greg thinks.  Maybe I will have a small piece tomorrow, but having just started “Fit In Six” today, I wanted to start out SUCCESSFUL!}  Had a little FHE, sharing scriptures that we liked that we had learned about this week {Thanks to Shandi and Eric, who were having their own FHE when I dropped off her stuff for her Norwex catalog party, and reminded me that Kaylee and I should have our own little devo.}


And while I finished up the night getting everything prepared for tomorrow, {Norwex party orders from Saturday, prepping for another party tomorrow, fixing my computer settings to start transcription TOMORROW MORNING, 9 AM, blogging for The PieDump, blogging here, and then finishing the night with a much needed scripture study}, Kaylee watched a show, which I was SURE she would fall asleep to, but she watched it all the way through.  And then, came up to tell me she loved me and to have a good night.  What a SWEET girl!  I sure love her!  

Thanks for a wonderful day Kaylee!  And THANK YOU for loving Bekkett so much!  He sure loves you!  We can tell when he always wants to come to you!  WE LOVE YOU!  


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