Road bikes and fitness.


Last night I almost bought a beach cruiser for $25.  I wasn’t able to get it, but today, we were walking at the sidewalk sale on main street and The Sportsman had all of their bikes for 30% off.  30% off!  REALLY?  We had just been talking about how we should maybe wait til the spring to get a bike, and then this came up.  


My knees have been killing, and my whole body has been objecting to me signing up for another half marathon.  I have been thinking that road biking was a solution for me for quite a while now and I am excited to get started.  I have already had a friend invite me to do a 100 mile race with her in September, and I couldn’t be more excited!  

As I started on my weight loss journey, I never knew how exhausting it would be some days.  I know that every day, it is totally worth the exercise and the pain, but some days are harder than others.  Some have asked me how I have gotten the weight off and what I eat in a day.  Well, The Skinny Rules, by Bob Harper has been AWESOME for me!  

-DRINK lots of water…before bed, as soon as you wake up, to keep your metabolism going throughout the night and to kickstart it in the morning.  

-Eat LEAN protein in every meal.

-Eat berries and apples EVERY DAY.  

-Eat 30-50 grams(I think) of fiber a day.  

And that is just the beginning.  I really need to finish the book, but with trying to get all of my stuff up and going with my new job, and everything else in life, I don’t do much leisure reading.  I am going to try and do more and will keep you updated when I do!  But, good luck for now!  The book is worth the price, FOR SURE!  Especially if you love Bob Harper as much as I do!  I can just HEAR his voice telling me everything I read…it is like he is my own personal trainer, for a MUCH CHEAPER price!  Thanks, Bob Harper, for the motivation, and THANKS Gregor John, who supports me in EVERY WAY on this journey!  I am so blessed!  Until next time, happy biking.  



2 thoughts on “Road bikes and fitness.

  1. Jaci Udy

    awesome kenzie! you look amazing! and I am sure you feel that way too! so proud of you for reaching your goals! Love you!

    • Thanks so much Miss Jaci! 🙂 You look great too! I saw your cute pic on FB and I am so glad you are out and about! Let me know what I can do for you across the miles! LOVES

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