Slow down.


Each day is different, and today was one of those days.  A different kind of day.  Just when you think you have things figured out, things change.  BUT, tonight I was reminded to slow down and enjoy the moment.  

Bekkett and I had gotten to Greg’s work for our nightly picnic, and as we were waiting, I was laying on the grass.  Bekkett had gotten into the bag and found his bread and started munching on it.  I looked up in the sky and thought, “Look how beautiful the sky is.  I wish I had my camera, but it is in the car.  I don’t want to get up and go get it.”  Right at that moment, I felt Bekkett’s cute hand on my leg.  I look up at him, without moving, and see my little buddy, sitting right next to me with his hand on my leg.  Occasionally he would pat my leg, seemingly saying, “I love you, mom.”  

A while back, I remember reading on a {PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG} that it is not always the most important thing to take photos.  Sometimes we need to put the camera down and enjoy the moment.  

AT THAT MOMENT, with BZ’s hand on my leg, life seemed to SLOW DOWN and actually STAND STILL, as I closed my mind and let that memory sink into my brain, so that I will never forget it.  If any of you watch The Office, Jim and Pam would take “mental photos” of special times like these.  That is what I did.  And as I close my eyes now, I can still see the negative in my mind of that moment, and that memory will not soon go away.  

Moments like these remind me that I need to SLOW DOWN, and take more “mental photos” of my life.  I can either let life run me over, or choose to make the most of every moment that is given me.  I hope that I will, more often than not, choose the latter.



4 thoughts on “Slow down.

    • Me too! There are a select few that I have burned into my mind…most of them were in Thailand! Glad to have FINALLY taken some time to add my FAMILY to my memory! 🙂

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