North Carolina, I love you.


After an AMAZING week in North Carolina, I can’t wait for the next opportunity to return.  I wanted to share a few photos to SHOW you how great it was!  A picture is worth a thousand words, ya know?  And I have about 22(or so) pictures to share.

A few shots of our family by the lake.

I FELL IN LOVE with these two dogs while in NC! Next dogs?  Maybe, someday.

Friday, we went on a double date with Jeff and Johanna to a DELICIOUS Italian restaurant, Marco’s, in Brevard, NC.  It was an absolute delight and I loved every bite!  Thanks to SUE and GRAHAM for the lovely recommendation.

Now, let’s start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start.  I won’t go through the specifics of every day, but here are a few things that I never want to forget about North Carolina:

We were privileged to take Sue and Graham’s paddle boards out on the water multiple times and I quite enjoyed that time.  On SYTYCD today(Episode #2), there was a guy who talked about going out surfing and just being by yourself with your thoughts…as soon as he said this, it made me think of the paddle boards and how much fun Greg and I had on them.  We would go out, standing up, but when we had the kids with us, we would sit and paddle them around.  It was great.


-One of the things I never want to forget is the sound of the water splashing against the front of the paddle board, as I paddled through the (mostly) calm water.

-Another is when Bekkett would bend over the side {over my legs} while on the paddle boards, to splash in the water or blow bubbles in the water with his mouth.

-The sound of Jack Johnson playing on someone else’s dock while paddling along…so relaxing.

I could put so many photos on here, but I am afraid it would be too many.  The next thing I loved was the nightly boat runs, whether it was for Greg to wakesurf, wakeboard, or for us to go tubing.  Cousin Linny has all of our tubing photos, but I hope she sends some soon.  It was a blast!  Bekkett would get so relaxed, and occasionally fall asleep while on the boat.  He loved turning so his face was against the wind.  He absolutely loved being on the boat, especially when Auntie SueSue would take the kids to the marina to get ice cream.


He obviously loved the life jacket at first.

3 words for you… Boomer and Lucy.  I love these dogs.  They are Golden Doodles and they have been trained SO WELL!  They are great with kids and absolutely LOVE to be snuggled.  It made me miss my Oscar boy, but gave me hope to have some sweet dogs in the future.


And YES, they love the boat!

One of the best parts about this whole trip was that Bekkett got to meet so many of his family that he has never met.  He got to meet Jeff and Johanna, Lily and Alex, and Graham.  He LOVED spending time on the backyard lawn, playing with his cousins, toys, and throwing balls around.  More often than not, he was climbing up the hill to get any flight of stairs he could find.



This is just a select few of the photos that we took.  I could post a thousand.

Although we had plenty of time to do other things, our favorite part of the trip was being with family and relaxing.  Bekkett had a few new experiences that included sleeping in mommy and daddy’s arms.  One of the days, he didn’t nap very well and was exhausted.  We took him to our room and watched “Master Chef” while he leaned on daddy’s chest while drinking his sippy.  All of a sudden, I look over and this is what I found.


My two handsome boys snuggling.  These are the moments that take my breath away.

There in NC, they have MASSIVE bugs.  Spiders(like Satan that I killed on my birthday in Thailand INSIDE of my house), small tarantula-esque spiders, etc.  BUT, they also have FIREFLIES, my favorite!  And when we were getting ready to hit the road, we found this little guy on the side of Aunt Sue’s car.

A REAL, LIVE stick bug.  The first one I have ever seen in real life.  SO COOL.

After we hit the road to head back to Charlotte, we went exploring.  We explored part of Hendersonville, NC, and then headed down to Greenville, SC to explore some delightful little boutiques.  We LOVED Greenville and said that one day we will own a cute little boutique somewhere out there!  Here is a picture of us at lunch at a cute little sandwich shop in Hendersonville.  Greg was getting ready to take the photo, and as he counted 1-2-3, right on 3, Bekkett gagged on his food!  It was so funny…caught it right on time! What a funny boy.

Well, I could post all day, but I am ready for some zzz’s, and Greg still needs help with studying for his anatomy test tomorrow. :/  So, I better get going.  Here are the last few to end the trip.  Tuckered out, and loving the plane.


And last but not least, me and my love enjoying our time together.  It was a wonderful experience and can’t wait to spend more time in the East again soon.



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