Bekkett’s Big Birthday Bash.


Once in a lifetime, every person turns 1.  Even though Bekkett won’t remember that birthday, I hope that he will look back on these photos and know how much he is loved.  I wanted to make it a fun party for all involved, so here is what we came up with.



The invitations that we got were PERFECT for the Theme that we chose…bright colored banners.  We found these at the one and only Paper Coterie and they turned out SO cute!  I was IN LOVE from the second I created them on the screen!


WELCOME to Mr. Bekkett’s Birthday Bash!






My delectable chocolate dome from Kneaders.

“What up ladies?”  Should I be nervous, I am nervous…already flirting out of the car window. 😉


Bekkett!  You are loved!  From the day you were born, you have brought so much joy into your family’s life!  You make the world happier whenever you are around.  That smile could take away any frown, and we have been blessed to have you in our lives!  I pray that the coming years will bring even more happiness and joy, that I will be blessed with more patience, love and understanding, and that we will make each day a better day than yesterday!  Happy 1st Birthday Superman!  You are LOVED!



2 thoughts on “Bekkett’s Big Birthday Bash.

  1. Jaci Udy

    Oh my heavens! What a darling party!!! I admire people who put so much detail into a party! This is so so cute! I LOVE that you did that fruit cake! Impressive!!! And the invites are sooooo cute. Have I said CUTE enough? Love you Kenz! You are a darling mama!

    • Thank you so much, sweet friend! We sure had a fantastic day and I loved planning the whole production! 😉 Wish you were closer so our little men could be besties! Maybe some day! 😉 LOVES

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