Mr. B’s Big Day.



That is how the morning began.  Bekkett slept in until 8:15!  He didn’t even wake up for a bottle at 6:30, as usual.  I went in and got him out of his crib, after having sung HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him.  And this is how the rest of the day ensued.  


                                                     Birthday Bath Time


I tried to get him to wear his birthday crown.  He was obviously NOT having it.  

Dad got home from class and we got ready to go to BREAKFAST.  Jessica , my sister, is at Girl’s Camp and so Shandi and I have been balancing her boys between the two of us.  Here is a cute picture of the three boys buckled in the back of my car on their way over yesterday.  Image

Deagan came to breakfast with us, and here is how much Bekkett liked Kneaders.  


Birthday Breakfast at Kneaders.  French toast, cream and berries.  He obviously loved it.

After breakfast, we made our way over to Shandi’s house to pick up Jens and then we were all heading over to Ryan’s Play Place.  As this day began, I had very tender feelings of how I felt a year ago, as I have looked at the clock and remembered everything that happened a year ago today, I have had multiple tears of PURE JOY because of the wonderful memories that this past year has brought to our family.  As I think about Bekkett, I am SO LUCKY to be blessed to be his mommy and I am grateful for my little buddy.  

We truly enjoyed our time at Ryan’s Play Place, as shown.




Dad got stuck a little in the slide.  But that didn’t keep us from having fun.  


We pushed all of the kids pretty hard all day, and when we got in the car, Bekkett passed out.  We took him and Deagan back home and they both took good naps.  I took Deagan back over to Tremonton so that he could go to his T-Ball game.  On our way back to Logan, Bekkett passed out in his seat again and I got a really cute photo of him.  




We had Thai food for dinner and he loved it.  Image


And a chocolate dome from Kneaders to top it off.  Needless to say, I sucked at my diet/competition today!  AND WHO CARES!  It was all to celebrate THIS amazing little man!  Image


Bekkett, today was an AMAZING day with you and I hope that as you look back on this day, you will feel loved!  I can’t wait to PARTY again on Saturday with all of our extended family.  Mr. Man, you have changed my life forever and I am blessed to be your mommy!  I LOVE YOU FOREVER!













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