Events of TODAY.


Today started out as a beautiful day at the Ostler home.  BRIGHT AND EARLY.  We got to watch Syd this morning, so I left on a run around 6 and when I got home, Syd had just got there.  That meant that Bekkett thought that he needed to be awake too.  Here is a cute photo of him this morning.  Image

This is his alternative to sticks.  3 pens in one hand, 2 in the other.  So cute.

This afternoon, this beauty occurred.  Image

Thankfully, that isn’t me.  I have never had stitched in my life(knock on wood), except for when I had my knee surgery, which I was completely out for, so I don’t remember it.  So, here is the story.

We had gone out grocery shopping and had bought a 5 lb bag of cheese.  Greg hadn’t eaten breakfast today, so he was starving.  I was getting everything ready for tacos when I hear, “Oh, my word.”  And there is Greg bending over the sick looking like he was about to pass out.  I inspected it and told him we were going to the Instacare.  If any of you know me, I don’t do blood.  I was very impressed that my motherly instincts kicked in so that I could take care of G money.  First thought, “Call Shandi.  Wait she is in Tremonton.  Steph?  New baby?  Oh well, only other option in an emergency.”  No answer from Steph, so we loaded Bekkett up and went to the Instacare.  Greg fed B lunch while holding his finger and I drove.  He went and checked into the Instacare while I finished feeding B.  

Bekkett was very restless because he was ready for a nap, so while G was getting stitched up, I went and drove around(with the EMPTY GAS LIGHT ON) for about 45 minutes.  I was pretty impressed with the process.  Here is what I missed.


Irrigating the wound.


Seeing how deep he got it. 


6 stitches later. Lovely.  Get feeling better G!


PS He was opening a bag of cheese with a dull knife.  Avoid the dull knives! 😉




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