My Life…


Hello there and sorry for the recent absence.  Life has been crazy between DownEast warehouse sales and working there, being mommy, applying for Medical Transcription jobs, being wifey, and everything else that I call MY LIFE.  I was wondering what I would do tonight…genius idea popped into my head.  BLOG!  It has been far too long and I have definitely missed it.  I decided to walk you through a day in MY LIFE, which is today.

This morning my alarm went off at 6AM to go on a 4 mile run before heading to DE to clean up the warehouse sale.  I turned off my alarm and immediately slipped back into my slumber to have ONE bizarre dream and ONE great dream.  That dream was that I was barely getting to Thailand for a wonderful vacation with my family.  I was getting ready to go and see one of my best friends in Thailand, P Ning, and she had no idea we were there.  I woke up to the reality that I wasn’t getting ready to go and see one of my best friends, who lives, as it seems, a world away.  It nearly brought tears to my eyes.  One day, and I long for that day!  Image

I went to tear down the warehouse sale and got back in time to shower and gather up Bekkett’s stuff to go over to Tremonton to get my hair done!  As Greg and I were preparing Bekkett’s stuff, Greg was changing Bekkett’s bum and all of a sudden I hear, “Uh, BABE, Help?!”  I came in and Bekkett had peed all over Greg and himself.  It has been MONTHS since he has done this, so I gave Bekkett a high five and told him good job for peeing on daddy, not me 😉

I dropped Bekkett off at Aunt Jaime’s and off I went to get my hair done.  Thanks to Jessica PoVey, I feel like a new woman!

We came home and delivered a Norwex package to the lovely Janae Langford, who earned $182 in absolutely FREE PRODUCT.  Yay Janae!  Then we headed to Shandi’s house.  They had the kiddie pools up and Bekkett absolutely LOVES to play in the kiddie pools, so we got him changed, I snuggled baby Alia and we chatted as we watched the cousins play.  It is so cute how Niki loves to play with Bekkett.  They are quite cute together!


~My new, fresh hair, and snuggling with Alia.~

As it came time to get Bekkett into dry clothes, he was fighting me to let me put his diaper on, so I let him go around butt naked for a spell.  Suddenly, as he was sitting up, he starts peeing all over his foot.  He just looks up at Shandi and I like, “Uh, what’s going on?” It was quite entertaining.  He makes me laugh and smile every day.

We dropped by Little Caesar’s and grabbed a pizza(I know that this is -10 points for dinner, but it was worth it, cause I have been SO GOOD all week!) and we went to see daddy.  Bekkett ate a whole piece of pizza by himself.  ImageImageImage

And if you couldn’t tell, he absolutely loved it.  He was taking such good bites.  What a big boy.  This was the first time that he ate ALL of the pizza, cheese, pepperoni and all.  I am sure he had wondered why we had been holding out on him for so long.  We enjoyed the picnic on the grass with daddy.  Bekkett was being so cute and snuggly(or as snuggly as a non-snuggler can get).  When we came home, we went on a walk to get the mail and came home for bath time.


And bedtime.  He is snoozing and I am now going to try and get his scrapbook finished(or almost finished) for his first year so it is ready for his birthday party coming up.

And that is a day in MY LIFE.



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