Pictures in May.


I guess I should preface this post with a FAIL of mine that I wish I were better at. At the beginning of the year, I was thrilled about my new iPhone and I started doing the “Photo A Day” thing on Instagram. I even started printing off the photos and everything, but that turned out to be an epic fail for me. I would do really well for about a day, and then I would get behind and then one week, try to catch everything up, but “5:00 PM” on January 8, cannot be replicated at any time during the 24 hour time span on January 13. So, some of the photos didn’t turn out and I just decided to QUIT.

Tonight, as I was chatting with Shandi, she was telling me how I could post photos to my blog from my iPhone and how she had read of a woman (on Pinterest) that started doing a photo a day and posting it on her blog. Then, one day, when I decide to print my blog into a book, all of those photos will be there, daily.

Genius, that is GENIUS, I tell you. So, that is my goal for the month of May. To do my photo a day each day and post it to my blog. Hope you all enjoy the photos that I take and post here. I know I will cherish them in the future…maybe that idea will make it so I don’t get so frustrated with it this time around! Wish me luck.



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