Windows. Were. Clean.


*Warning:  This post may present to be a bit “hippy”ish, but it’s ok!  Read on and enjoy! 

I was THRILLED this morning to get my {bottom level} windows clean so that I could actually see out of them.  All that dirt and grime that was on them from the winter is now gone.  After this CRAZY wind and rain storm, we will see how they look in the morning.  I even cleaned the screens.  Why did I do this when I knew a storm was rolling in?  

A: They have been driving me CRAZY ever since this beautiful weather has rolled around.  

B: I knew that my efforts would not be in vain, why?  BECAUSE OF NORWEX!  


Let me tell you the reasons I love Norwex:

1: I don’t have to buy chemicals or toxins to be used in my house to “clean” with…Since I started using Norwex in November, I have not had to buy 1 single cleaner!

2: Norwex saves me money….Like I said, no cleaners or paper towels have been purchased for my household since November, and this also gives less contribution to landfills!  

3: I know my house is REALLY clean…The microfiber that Norwex cloths are made out of pick up ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING off of any surface and all you have to use is WATER.  The cloths are specially designed to pick up everything off of the surface that you are cleaning and trap it all into the rag.  When you are done wiping down a surface, you wash the cloth out with hot water and all of the dirt, dust, grime, micro organisms, etc wash down the drain.  The cloths are also spun with micro silver to fight against mold, fungi, and bacterial odor…aka NO MORE STINKY RAGS(one of my BIGGEST Pet-peeves)!  

4: I have to clean less…The way the microfiber is spun, it creates a static cling so that as you clean, no residuals are left behind, hence, the surface will stay cleaner longer because there is nothing left to attract dust, dirt, grime, bacteria, etc.

5: I have to spend LESS TIME cleaning…I don’t know about you, but I consider cleaning a necessary evil.  Who really LOVES cleaning?  Well, I do now, but it’s not because I get to clean, but it is because Norwex saves me time cleaning.  Let me give you a scenario:  when using bathroom cleaners, this used to be my routine…spray the windows with windex, let it sit while I put cleaner in the sink, toilet and tub.  Leave the room for 10 minutes so I don’t get fumigated.  Come back, windex is dry.  Reapply windex.  Use paper towels to wipe mirror.  Still streaky.  Spray again, wipe again and again.  Get out an old rag, wipe down the sink, rinse the sink forever to get all of the chemical off.  Wipe down the counters and shine the faucet…continue on with the toilet……….continue on with the tub and shower………..more time…….more money down the drain.  

Now let me give you a scenario of how I clean my bathroom now:  wet my microfiber cloth, wipe the mirror, wipe down the sink, faucet and counter tops. Shine with window cloth.  Continue on to toilet, with toilet cleaning system, and wipe down shower with microfiber cloth, shine with window cloth. DONE.   

I seriously did all of my bottom windows today in less than 15 minutes, INCLUDING cleaning the screens. 

I bet that everyone that will read this post will fit into any 1 of 3 categories, if not all:

1) You want to treat the planet a little more nicely and “Go Green” in a small way. (HIPPY!)  

2) You want to create a safer environment with less toxins and chemicals for you and your family. OR

3) You want to SAVE SOME MONEY and TIME.  

If you or anyone you know fits into one of these 3 categories, you should contact me personally or check out my website to shop products and promotions!, 435-230-4447, or 

Hope you enjoyed this little tidbit about how you can save time and money, while becoming a little bit more hippy!  


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