Saturday morning, my sister Jessica and I went on a long run, 10 miles to be exact.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  We went up Blacksmith Fork canyon and ran the top 10 miles of the Top of Utah half marathon.  Needless to say, I was in pain when we got back.  Downhill and my knees don’t really get along, but I have been able to recover quickly, thankfully.  

Greg had his DAT practice exam that morning, so as soon as we got home, he left for that.  I was getting ready to get in the shower and Bekkett absolutely HATES when we shower.  It doesn’t matter if it is Greg or myself, he just cries the whole time.  I think it is just because he can’t see me, but who knows.  So, as I was getting ready to shower, he started whining and I was thinking, “DANG!  I really need a long shower.  I need some relaxation.”  Then I thought, “Maybe he won’t hate it so bad if I take a bath.”  I ran a tub, and YOU GUESSED IT, he was thrilled.  I put some relaxation bubbles in the tub, and he just played on the floor for the first little bit.  Then, he pulled himself up onto the tub and was totally intrigued by the bubbles in the water.  He put his hands in the tub and started splashing and pulling the bubbles closer to him.  He LOVED them!  Looks like I know what I am getting him for his birthday!  I couldn’t believe that we hadn’t introduced him to bubbles yet!  It was so fun to watch him play with the bubbles, while mama got to RELAX and take a long hot bath.  

I didn’t think twice about it, until Greg got home from his test and headed out on a 14 mile run to prepare for his marathon on Saturday.  He text me all the run updating me on how the run was going.  About a mile away from home, he asked me to start him a tub.  He hopped in the tub and I was changing Bekkett’s bum.  After I got his diaper off, he BOLTED toward the tub, pulled himself up again, and  started splashing in daddy’s tub, with only his t-shirt on.  His little, lumpy bum was hanging out of the bottom of his t-shirt, and I got a great picture to black-mail him with for the rest of his life, but don’t think it is quite appropriate to share, as there is a half-showing, naked daddy in the background.  Haha!  I will spare you all! 😉  

Bekkett sure knows how to bring a smile to his mama’s face and I don’t know what we did without him!  I sure am one lucky girl!  



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