The change.


In the last 6 months, I have really tried to whip my body back into shape.  I really haven’t been in shape since High School, and that was almost 10 years ago, so I thought it was time.  I was working out about 3-4 times a week, depending on how often I could drag my butt out of bed, but was eating whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to.  I complained to Jessica, my sister, about how I was working out but wasn’t losing weight and it was frustrating me.  She called me out, then and there and said, “Is your eating matching your effort at the gym?”  I was trying to convince myself that it was, when in all reality, I knew it wasn’t.  

I decided it was time.  Time to really change.  I knew I couldn’t go off of sugar completely, I had tried AND FAILED at that, one too many times.  I decided that I would allow myself ONE bite of sugar a day.  When I say sugar, I mean CANDY, CHOCOLATE, etc. not fruits, etc.  I was ASTOUNDED at the amount of sugar I shoved in my mouth every day.  At first, it was hard to have sugar around, but after a month or so, there could be candy on my counter for G-baby, but I could walk past it, without a second glance!  What it did for me was it FORCED me to make a CONSCIOUS decision, “Is this ONE bite worth it?  The only bite I have for the day. Should I wait for something better?”  Many times, I decided I didn’t need a single bite of sugar in a day…that started to feel GREAT!  

The next thing, I started a “Biggest Loser” competition.  I only had to put in $20 and if I won, I could win $240!  There were SO many things I could buy with $240!  So, I set my mind to WIN!  

Greg also signed me up for the Salt Lake Half Marathon.  This part makes me a little emotional.  This is something that I never thought I could do.  I really never thought I could run 13.1 miles straight.  I blamed it on my knee, on my joints, said that I was an old woman already.  Well, I started training for that in January and the results of weight loss, confidence, and the ability to run are astounding.  

I DID win my “Biggest Loser” competition, went shopping with my $240.  In the 10 weeks that we did the competition, I shed 26 pounds and 13.24% of my body weight.  I feel better than ever and I have continued to lose, only 3.2 pounds, but I am only 6 pounds away from my HEALTHY goal weight.  

I never thought I could run 13.1 miles, but being down almost 30 pounds, since I started, has made ALL of the difference.  One of the things that changed my life was this quote, that I got from Bob Harper’s Facebook page. Image

Thank you BOB HARPER for providing us with some truth.  IT IS TRUE!  Whenever I don’t work out, I regret it EVERY time.  There has NEVER been a day in my life when I have worked out that afterwards I thought, “Dang, I regret that!”  Haha.  I hope this trend continues for the rest of my life!  This morning I woke up in a FUNK because I didn’t get up and go to the gym.  I was in the worst funk I have been in, probably EVER(emotionally speaking), and I was feeling so overwhelmed with life.  As I drove to the store to get Bekkett some nasal saline, I just prayed to Heavenly Father and asked Him to help me.  I knew only He could do so, because of the atoning sacrifice of my Savior.  My attitude completely changed,  I went into Walmart, bought the saline, and some snacks for my little man, went home, put my head on straight and decided that as soon as B woke up from his nap, we were going on a run.  I was so grateful to my Heavenly Father for providing the beautiful weather this morning that allowed me to go and get my piece of sunshine in my life.  It changed my whole outlook on my day, and I am SO GRATEFUL.  

Exercise makes me feel better, about myself, and about life.  It energizes me, it strengthens me, and seriously keeps me going.  Before I started to get my butt back into shape, I thought the opposite would be true, that I would feel tired and would have less energy.  HECK NO!  It invigorates me and I love it!  

I am grateful for this change I have made and for where I have been, and where I am going.  The half marathon is in T-8 days.  Wish me luck!  I will have updates soon!



9 thoughts on “The change.

    • Hey Miss! I was going to let you know that we are coming down to Provo on Friday night before the race to see my best friend Heidi’s new baby that will be born tonight or tomorrow morning! 🙂 If you want to meet up then for dinner we totally could, or if you want to come to SL you are more than welcome. We have a family dinner that night for my birthday and Greg’s cousin’s birthday, so let us know either way so we can plan to see you at some point next weekend! LOVE YOU!

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