We had the most incredible weather today, I was absolutely THRILLED about taking Bekkett out to enjoy the weather.  I thought back to a year ago at this time and how concerned I was because I didn’t know how we were going to make it work so that I could stay home with my prince.  Then, the day he was born, my heart was changed and I knew there was no way I was leaving this kid to go back to work.  I am just so grateful for Greg’s job so that I was able to quit and stay home, and many opportunities came up in my life to help contribute financially, and I am eternally grateful that it worked out for us.  Beware…this post has tons of pictures of BZ and I AM THRILLED  about it!  Enjoy.

A Summary of our Day

“Whatcha eatin there sport?” “A apple.”

Next is a series of Bekkett realizing that I was taking photos of him and him crawling to me.  I thought they were all adorable!



I call this one my baby Mowgli.

AND, last but not least…my little CHEESER!  

It’s days like these that I count my blessings and wonder how I got so lucky!  Bekkett Paul Ostler, I hope you know how much your mommy loves you!



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