A bit about Conference.


We had been planning on going down to Conference all weekend and as we  were packing up, I reminded myself(or the Spirit was trying to remind me) about 5 times to GET THE TICKETS OFF OF THE FRIDGE and pack them into the car.  Greg also walked into the house to get them as we were packing up and grabbed his laptop instead.  We were more than half way to Salt Lake before we remembered that we didn’t have the tickets.  GREAT!

Well, God does love us, and we had a response on Facebook that someone was coming down for Conference the next day and she put them on Will Call for us to pick up.  We are very grateful for Grammy and PopPop for taking care of Bekkett so that we could go down to the Conference Center and to be in the presence of the Prophet for a short time.  The messages that were given while we were there were priceless and I definitely have a long way to go before I am anywhere near as good as I need to be.  But, like President Monson advised us, to look at ourselves, apply something new and be better than we are.  I can do that!

Windblown and Rained on.                                            

Although it had been PERFECT weather all week long, and I had packed a CUTE Springtime outfit, of course, the weather turns and it was snowy.  So, Greg, being the gentleman that he is, let me borrow his coat, seeing as how I didn’t even pack one for the weekend.  And we were in the top of the Balcony.  And it didn’t even matter.  And we enjoyed every second of our time there.

Until next time.



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